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MessagePosté le: Dim 12 Mar - 19:59 (2006)    Sujet du message: Strats AQ20 (en anglais) Répondre en citant

J'ai trouvé quelques trucs intéressants sur le net au sujets des différents boss d'AQ20 qui devraient nous être utiles. Seul inconvénient c'est tout en anglais et je suis pas trop motivé pour traduire tout ça Mr. Green.
Donc voili, voilou:


First is his AOE damage ability, called 'Sand Trap', it shows up as the sand moving as per something was burrowing underneath it, after it has completely surfaced, it explodes and hits all standing in the immediate area with 1300-1500 damage and renders then unable to cast spells, while also reducing their chance to hit with melee attacks by 75%. This is a 20 second debuff.

Second is his primary physical attack. It is called 'Mortal wounds.' It is a 15 second debuff that is applied in an arc in front of Kurinaxx. Anyone standing in this radius will be hit with a 10% debuff to all healing spells directed at that character. This debuff can stack ten times rendering your main tank completely unhealable. To avoid this, it is suggested that you swap tanks during the fight.

You should position yourself as seen in the picture above. Have your three main tanks positioned at the head of Kurinaxx. The Main tank is the one in the middle. Your two offtanks (you could possibly survive with just one) are to the sides of Kurinnaxx outside of the radius of his Mortal Wounds attack.

Your Melee DPS should be all behind him. This will allow your tanks to turn him freely without worrying about the cleave hitting one of your rogues or other melee.

Your Ranged DPS and Healers should circle Kurinnaxx. He will not be moving around much during the fight, except when he is turning to switch tanks, so this is the best way to combat the Sand Trap Debuff. You don't want to let more than one of your healers get hit by it at a time, or you will have difficulty healing your tanks.

There are no aggro reducing abilities in play in this fight, so it is fairly straight forward. When the 'Mortal Wounds" debuff stacks to six on your primary tank, you have one of the offtanks pull aggro (the boss *is* tauntable) for 15 seconds so that the effect can wear off. At this point you can either have your main tank pull aggro back, or have him wait until the first off tank has the debuff stacked to six before returning to tanking duty.

If you accomplish this, the fight is fairly straight forward. Melee DPS needs to be aware of your healers mana, and help out by bandaging if at all possible. When Kurinnaxx reaches 20% he will enrage. Tranq shot will have no effect on this enrage. (Thanks Domandred)

In short:

1. Switch tanks when Debuff stacks to 6.
2. Avoid Sand Trap.
3. Conserve Mana.
4. Loot Rares/Epix.

General Rajaxx:

Each of the waves consists of Qiraji Warriors and Captains/Colonels. The regular warriors are level 61 elites. The Captains/Colonels are 63 elite.

The Rajaxx fight is another two stage battle. First stage being the waves of Captains/Colonels and regular warriors. Second being the battle with Rajaxx himself.

Stage One:

It is imperative that once you kill Kurinnaxx, no one talks to the Human NPC. Only the main tank is to talk to him, when everyone is in position and ready. The next fight is a triggered event that starts when you talk to the Human NPC. Rajaxx will yell: "The time of our retribution is at hand! Let darkness reign in the hearts of our enemies! No longer will we wait behind barred doors and walls of stone! No longer will our vengeance be denied! The dragons themselves will tremble before our wrath!.

Basically, waves and waves of Qiraji Warriors and flyers will keep pouring in. Once a wave dies, another is sent within only two seconds. You need to drink in this short lapse of time if you can. Warlocks and Mages need to put a lot of DPS here on mobs. ALL Warlocks need to fear units constantly, and dot the main tank's target while keeping a watch on the feared mob, to recast fear on them again and again. Druids can entangle-root mobs, and priests should use their Fear-2 mobs ability, hunters might get a chance to place traps in between waves. This orchestrated mob control will ensure the survival of all the 20 players, and keep you save from too much damage. Remember to dot the main tank's target while fearing or entangling. Once it dies, move to the next target -- rinse and repeat, until everyone is dead. Making the fight last longer by crowd controlling is good -- in that lapse of time your healers and DPS casters are regenerating mana.

If you keep the 4 Kaldorei Warriors and Human healed, you won't have much trouble. They have tons of hit points. The challenge is if you wipe and they die. They won't respawn for at least two more hours, so you will be left on your own without the NPCs.

Reddbeard of guild Silent Watch suggests that when are you are down to the last warrior of the last wave of mobs, you can utilize feign death and keep the mob trapped for an extended period of time.

This has two potential uses:

First: Allows your casters to regen mana, so you can start fresh against Rajaxx

Second: If you keep the mob trapped for a long enough period of time (10-15 min) the NPC guards will respawn and help you fight the boss. They are not needed to kill the boss, just helpful.

Another Suggestion from Domandred of Guild Spartans on Icecrown

However we did come up with a brilliant strategy. When the last warrior is up on a wave put your best tank on it. Then have a Paladin Judgment of Wisdom. Casters use ONLY daggers or wands to dps the warrior down, nobody else does anything. By the time whe warrior is dead the casters should be full mana and ready for the next wave.

Stage Two:

It is suggested by Kiava that having the named NPC (if he is still alive) will make the encounter considerably easier. The NPC is immune to the knockback effect, so it is a very capable tank for the second half of the encounter.

The Rajaxx fight itself is another basic 'heal the tank, don't pull aggro type of fight'

Rajaxx has two primary attacks.

First: Partial Deaggroing knockback (a la Wingbuffet)
Second: AoE Nature Damage

Have multiple tanks building aggro in a firemaw type positioning and you should have no problems with this fight.


The 3 element summoning is a timed ability not a health percentage ability. You have 90 seconds before the first summon and then 90 seconds from Moam begining to move around again before he summons again.

When Moam summons he loses some but not all of his mana. My observations put it at about -50% of a full bar (but this is a ballpark figure not a strait number). Ie if he is at 50% or below he drops to zero mana but if he is at 90% mana he'll drop to 40%.

Furthermore when Moam summons he becomes immobile doing no damage (but is still able to be damaged) until either.

A) All the summons have been killed
B) His Mana bar reached 100%

When he becomes mobile again the first attack delivered to him will trigger one of the arcane explosions that you normally see associated with a full mana bar.

Control Moam's mana and let him blow up between the 60 and 80 second mark. At 90 seconds banish 2 summons and kill 1. Then release 1 summon and kill it leaving 1 summon chain banished. Meanwhile keep Moam mana burned. Time things right and Moam will never become mobile again."

Buru the Gorger:

The Buru the Gorger fight is another fight where Blizzard tries to stray from the old 'Heal the Tank, DPS the Mob' Scheme.

There are three things that you are attempting to accomplish in this fight. First, not to die to Buru's Melee Damage. Second, Destroying Eggs while Buru is overtop of them (which will cause him damage). Third, Killing the Broodlings that spawn when each egg is defeated. To this end it is suggested you break your raid into two parts. The Egg DPS and the Broodling DPS groups.

It should be noted that Buru is Immune to Taunt.

Stage One:

Buff up normally, and begin attacking the nearest egg. When you get it to a low percentage, pull Buru overtop of it and then proceed to destroy the egg. This is the primary way to damage Buru during stage one. When the egg is destroyed, a broodling will appear, these will need to be dealt with by the Broodling DPS group.

Buru will mark someone, and there will be an emote saying that he has set his eyes on a particular character. This person must kite Buru around in circles until the next egg is at a low percentage and ready to be utilized against Buru. Your healers should be focusing on the kiter at this time. Rogues should utilize sprint, and Druids should utilize both Cat and Water forms to aid this kiting.

Once an egg is destroyed, the egg destroying group should immediately move to the next egg in a uniform fashion. It is suggested that going clockwise or counter-clockwise around the room is the best way to make sure you are never too far from the next egg. The Broodling dps group should defeat the broodling and then join the Egg DPS group and assist them in defeating the next egg.

Stage Two:

This will continue until Buru reaches 20%. At this point his shell will be knocked off, exposing the soft inner section. Buru becomes mostly a Tank and Heal boss at this point, except for the fact that he will hit the raid with a debuff that does massive damage. You will have approximately 30 seconds to defeat Buru before the debuff kills you. Its a race against time at this point. Healing is not useful in this section and it is suggested that everyone be going all out against Buru.

Ayamiss the Hunter:

Video of Ayamiss Fight Here: http://files.filefront.com/ayamiss_blizzplanetwmv/;4406793;;/fileinfo.html

Stage One:

Ayamiss starts in the air, and thus is not hittable by melee damage. While she is in the air she has three main attacks.

First: She will occassionally summon a cloud of flying bugs. After a certain number of these have been gathered (its around 10, you can see in the video) they will land and harass the party. Fortunately these are fairly easy to deal with. Simply Frost Nova, and then AOE them. They die fairly quickly.

Second: She will shoot a poison at the party. This is a debuff that can stack up to 10. It hurts alot. Have your poison cleansers be on their game or this can wipe you out by itself.

Third: The tricky party. This is much like the Satyr boss in Dire Maul East. She will 'sacrafice' one of your party members, and put him on the altar on top of the stairs in the back of her room. When she does this a larva will spawn at the bottom of the stairs. If the larva is allowed to reach the sacraficed player it will metamorphasize into a elite bug. These elites are difficult to deal with. To counter this it is suggested that you camp at least part of your party at the bottom of the stairs and have them deal with the larvas as they spawn.

Stage Two:

At 50%, Ayamiss lands and becomes tankable like a normal mob. You will still have to watch the skies for the clouds of bugs, and watch for the sacraficed players however.

Finish her off and loot your epics Smile

Ossirian the Unscarred:

Ossirian has four main things that you need to watch out for.

One: If he is not debuffed by his crystals, he will oneshot just about anything in your raid. This is avoided by utilizing the crystals to debuff him down to a more normal 900-1000 damage per swing on your main tank.

Two: He has the ability to sprint faster than the running speed of an epic mount. It is currently unknown how often he can use this ability, but it is imperative to keep in mind when you are trying to kite him.

Three: As it seems every boss in the instance does, he has an AOE knockback. It will hit for around 1000 damage, and then cause ~700 falling damage after that.

Four: During the fight, he will summon tornadoes to harass your party. Players caught in the Tornados will be stunned and will take heavy Damage Over Time. This will also cause a slight deaggro on the member caught in the tornado. Unfortunately, this is NO LONGER a dispellable debuff. (as of 2/14)

Defeating Ossirian:

This is a fairly straight forward fight. You need to use the crystals that will pop up after the pull to debuff Ossirian so he does not oneshot your tanks. The debuff from the crystals is only a 30 second debuff, so you will need to keep him moving from crystal to crystal to keep your raid alive.

It is suggested that someone on an epic mount pulls him to the first crystal, as if you let him get into range of someone, you will be essentially sacraficing them. Once he is in 20 yards of the first crystal, you should activate it (by clicking on it, fairly straight forward) when he gets close enough you will be finishing the activation timer and he will be debuffed.

At this point your tank needs to grab aggro and attempt to build aggro for about 10 seconds. Then you must progress to the next crystal. One of the members of your raid should run ahead of the raid and be waiting at the next crystal and start using it as you did with the first one.

It should also be noted that when you use the crystals to debuff ossirian it will place a debuff on him much like the BWL Wyrmguards. He will become very weak to a particular school of magic. This is a debuff that you can detect using the 'Detect Magic' spell. These debuffs can stack, so even if you activate a second crystal before you finish the debuff from the first one, you will still get the full thirty seconds of debuff from the first crystal.

Use caution when using spells that Ossirian is weak to as you will have a tendency to do more damage than your Tank and he will be unable to hold aggro, at which point it will become difficult to kite the boss to the next crystal. To this end it is suggested that once the weakness is discovered, using Damage Over Time spells is preferable to big single shot damage.

Most of the damage in the fight will come from these spells. It is suggested that most of your melee do not do melee damage, as his tornados are unpredictable, and his AoE Knockback hurts. Keep your Main tank up and you will have some nice loot to brag about.


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MessagePosté le: Mer 19 Avr - 18:23 (2006)    Sujet du message: Strats AQ20 (en anglais) Répondre en citant

J'ai parlé avec un ami Pala des Legends.

Quelques remarques :

- Il faut se concentrer sur la survie des NPC, indispensables à la phase suivante.
- Le NPC général injecte constamment des tick de 200 HP autour de lui, si les wawa pouvais être dans cette surface ça aiderait.
- Dans chaque vague de moobs, il y a un de couleur blanche, il faut le tuer en dernier car c'est lui qui determine le départ de la vague suivante.

A vérifier.

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MessagePosté le: Aujourd’hui à 11:07 (2018)    Sujet du message: Strats AQ20 (en anglais)

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